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Is Everything Acceptable In Love, Conflict, And Internet Dating Websites?

Online Dating

Men and women blog about just about anything nowadays, from famous people to restaurants to their distressing day jobs and every little thing in between. It seems like everybody and their cat (seriously, cats can have blogs too), has something to say.

Thanks to the world wide web, and totally free blog space, every person is able to broadcast anything they want to out in the internet universe. Because internet dating and social networking are amongst the most common uses for the web, it is only natural that dating would grow to be one of the many topics for blogs.

But, people aren’t only blogging about their dates, but also combining blogging into their dating lives. They may also blog about beneficial info like the best place to pick up women.

But what about the privacy concerns with individuals featured in these dating blogs? Is it necessary for authors to disclose that their date could possibly be transformed into humorous material to be broadcast all around the web?

Is it unfair to the unsuspecting dates to be taken out simply for the objective of producing “material”, with no intentions for future meetings?

online dating 2

With few rules about the material that can or cannot be posted in blogs, it may be challenging to monitor how authors obtain the info they post in their blogs.

Since blogs are also very private, and normally written for and by the public, there is no reason that an individual cannot write about their very own experiences, where men pick up women in bars, whether the info is accurate or not (that’s referred to as fiction, folks), and regardless of how they got their info.

Even though this freedom is an enormous advantage for writers, and can be used to create a lot of excellent (think free speech, and enabling people to react to biased sources etc.), there are undoubtedly people who may not think twice about becoming “ethical journalists”, mostly because blog authors aren’t journalists.

In the end, this unveils a free-for-all of sorts that permits people to write about whatever they want, in any way they desire, including in dating blogs. If you are thinking about reading dating blogs search: pick up line for woman.

Unfortunately, this might lead to some casualties along the way, when it comes to personal embarrassment or privacy in the dating arena. But, maybe blogging is just an additional part of the risks involved with the contemporary world of dating.

Hopefully the writers of dating blogs will keep privacy issues in mind (aside from just their own), and respect the dignity of the people who agree to go out with them.


Christmas Decorations – Happy job

Xmas is definately an essential along with particular month or year for thousands of people around the world, it’s an actual moment any time friends and family comes collectively together in order to commemorate sometimes the beginning of Christ or perhaps the event involving Christmas, in the event you aren’t in reality religious.

what is love in christmas
what is love in christmas

Famous in a range of techniques by many people distinct cultures all over the world, another thing that stays continuous is in the method in which people glance at the craving to be seen his or her homes, each inside your home and out-of-doors, with all types of equipment and lighting and xmas components.

christmas decoration
christmas decoration

Evident accessories which find themselves in common utilize as of this particular time of year include Christmas time bushes, tinsel, lighting, and of course the use of rooftop Holiday decorations. This will likely include such things as lamps and plaything types, perhaps a caricature of Father christmas which is often put on any available property roof platform, or maybe a existence size style of a new reindeer protected in sporting LED’s.
Roof Excersize equipment can become an incredibly serious along with interesting way of exhibiting your ex associated with The christmas season is, and a lot of properties often contend for desirable shows at the moment of year. Usually streets will manage competitions with awards along with awards for those with all the finest roof Christmas decorations, and thus some people will need this art really seriously in order for there are generally useful awards as well as boasting protection under the law at risk!

christmas decoration and short stories about love
christmas decoration and short stories about love

Even by doing this involving rivalling for top rooftop Christmas decorations can actually be a means of bringing men and women with each other, maybe who generally not need achieved as well as socialised, with folks that continue to exist a similar path quite possibly working together to guage who is arrangements search the very best.
The most effective rooftop Holiday decorations require vibrant colors as well as vibrant demonstrates. They’re usually popular with men and women, specifically young children, and it can actually jazz up the in any other case common house, assisting you to enter into the particular joyous character a lot more so although as well exposing your efforts to family members, buddies and even unknown people.
Typically a number of family members produce a practice of driving a car about their neighbourhoods all around Christmas time eve occasion, definitely searching out and about regarding additional Christmas time shows, hanging out looking and also rating every single property along the way. With your Christmas decorations with any kind of amount of value you then must spend some time in terms of determing the best achievable caribbean Holiday decorations. Should you settle for more affordable items you could be putting oneself and your loved ones at risk, particularly those decorations which are electrical, so it pays to acquire good quality arrangements which will hopefully continue for a long period in the future.

christmas decoration in love
christmas decoration in love

You can find beach Christmas time exhibits in just about any shop with regards to The christmas season is, however, your best bet would be to naturally plan ahead along with defeat the massive buying run. Using the web can be a very good way of finding thrilling brand new displays, often with very economical price ranges, therefore it doesn’t have to cost the planet earth to offer your property using the greatest decorations for the top. Take care not to over-do this even so, since there may be many cases of people leading to electrical energy huge amounts as well as dropping power to not just their house but to the whole avenue — a fast means of producing yourself extremely unpopular within your area.


Increase Attraction With Love Pheromones

Did you know that you can optimize your relationship with enjoy pheromones? The attraction of human pheromones are broadly used to permit men and women from the opposite sex or whoever to get that extra closeness that they want. This exclusive use of human pheromones inhibit qualities of sexual interest, affection and desires for intimacy, as effectively.

Human pheromones have played a main part in the attraction, that couples have for 1 another. The absolute expression of this interest, permits a person to smell the invisible aroma of love pheromones, to attract successfully, every and each and every time.

Of course, you want to constantly appear your greatest for the occasion. This is also a fantastic top quality to have when attracting a mate or companion for the evening. Rising the attitude of seduction comes into play when love pheromones are working the correct way.

Since there are also several of these items offered in shops, you will uncover it difficult to pick which a single is the finest and is proven successful. It can be fairly puzzling on the part of the consumer particularly those acquiring the item for the initial. Hence, beneath is a manual in picking and getting the greatest human pheromone product.

Visualize oneself prepared to go out this weekend as you consider to attract a particular person closer to you. You want to see how it really feels to be with this person, so you consider to look your very best and make positive you have the correct moves, right? What occurs if you strategy this particular person and drop self-confidence, altogether?

Human pheromones have been known to enhance confidence as you attract a mate efficiently. By no means doubt that pheromones can perform in your favor, every and every time you permit it to. I have personally experienced the excellent feeling and memories that human pheromones gave me although utilizing it to attract another. All I can inform you is that I was quite satisfied with the finish result, every single and each time!

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Got killed by savage cuts, desperate tame elephants need more lands of love

Happy Elephant - Land of LoveI really love to watch Dumbo back days when I was only a little child. It was amazing to see how an elephant fly by his big ears. Since those days, I believe that everyone who has seen this movie would probably have the feelings like me. That is love and friendliness for this elephantkind of animal. In fact, elephant, after dogs and pets, are one of the closest animals to human. In spite of their huge bodies, they are extremely approachable and funny.

Tourist Elephant - Land of Love

In countries, tame elephants became friends for serving the tourists to go through the jungles. They are tame to be nice, obeyed and friendly with people. But recently I have read about the deaths of two tame elephants in VietNam and to me, this is very shocking news.

I don’t know what your feelings will be after seeing those pictures below…

This is Pak Cu, a tame elephants in Dak Lak, Vietnam. In October 2010, Pak Cu has been attacked by a group of people. At this time, Pak Cu has been tightened by a chain that usually he couldn’t escape from. But Pak Cu tried to run and luckily survived with 217 cuts in his hind legs and tail. Unfortunately, after 2 months, Pak Cu died exhaustedly…

Die Elephant - Land of Love
Beckham with deep cuts in his legs

And this is Beckham, another tame elephants in Dalat, Vietnam. He died in April 2011 because people wanted to cut his legs and tail. The cut is so deep that his bone could be even seen outside. He couldn’t runaway but those people also couldn’t get any from him…

Both Pak Cu and Beckham are tame elephants for serving the tourist and under the control of local management. They lived in the jungle but now …

Cut Elephant - Short stories about Love
Beckham with deep cuts in his legs

While some of us have always been approving Earth Day, Green Peace and World Wide Protection, there are still others trying to destroy for money. To them, elephant’s tusks, tail and legs are valuable for trading. That is why wild animals, in general, and elephants, particularly, are now threatened to disappearance.

I don’t know what your feelings will be after seeing those pictures…

But if you believe that Earth is a land of love, please raise your voice up, share your feelings with me and send this to others.

Thank you so much! XVAZK2PS8MYU

Hungry for your love – My Darling

Hungry for your love
Hungry for your love

It is cold, so bitter cold, on this dark, winter day in 1942. But it is no different from any other day in this Nazi concentration camp. I stand shivering in my thin rags, still in disbelief that this nightmare is happening. I am just a young boy. I should be playing with friends; I should be going to school; I should be looking forward to a future, to growing up and marrying, and having a family of my own. But those dreams are for the living, and I am no longer one of them. Instead, I am almost dead, surviving from day to day, from hour to hour, ever since I was taken from my home and brought here with tens of thousands other Jews. Will I still be alive tomorrow? Will I be taken to the gas chamber tonight?

Back and forth I walk next to the barbed wire fence, trying to keep my emaciated body warm. I am hungry, but I have been hungry for longer than I want to remember. I am always hungry. Edible food seems like a dream. Each day as more of us disappear, the happy past seems like a mere dream, and I sink deeper and deeper into despair. Suddenly, I notice a young girl walking past on the other side of the barbed wire. She stops and looks at me with sad eyes, eyes that seem to say that she understands, that she, too, cannot fathom why I am here. I want to look away, oddly ashamed for this stranger to see me like this, but I cannot tear my eyes from hers.

Hungry for your love
Hungry for your love

Then she reaches into her pocket, and pulls out a red apple. A beautiful, shiny red apple. Oh, how long has it been since I have seen one! She looks cautiously to the left and to the right, and then with a smile of triumph, quickly throws the apple over the fence. I run to pick it up, holding it in my trembling, frozen fingers. In my world of death, this apple is an expression of life, of love. I glance up in time to see the girl disappearing into the distance.

The next day, I cannot help myself-I am drawn at the same time to that spot near the fence. Am I crazy for hoping she will come again? Of course. But in here, I cling to any tiny scrap of hope. She has given me hope and I must hold tightly to it.

And again, she comes. And again, she brings me an apple, flinging it over the fence with that same sweet smile.

This time I catch it, and hold it up for her to see. Her eyes twinkle. Does she pity me? Perhaps. I do not care, though. I am just so happy to gaze at her. And for the first time in so long, I feel my heart move with emotion.

For seven months, we meet like this. Sometimes we exchange a few words. Sometimes, just an apple. But she is feeding more than my belly, this angel from heaven. She is feeding my soul. And somehow, I know I am feeding hers as well.

One day, I hear frightening news: we are being shipped to another camp. This could mean the end for me. And it definitely means the end for me and my friend.

The next day when I greet her, my heart is breaking, and I can barely speak as I say what must be said: “Do not bring me an apple tomorrow,” I tell her. “I am being sent to another camp. We will never see each other again.” Turning before I lose all control, I run away from the fence. I cannot bear to look back. If I did, I know she would see me standing there, with tears streaming down my face.
Months pass and the nightmare continues. But the memory of this girl sustains me through the terror, the pain, the hopelessness. Over and over in my mind, I see her face, her kind eyes, I hear her gentle words, I taste those apples.

I miss you
I think of you everyday and I still miss you

And then one day, just like that, the nightmare is over. The war has ended. Those of us who are still alive are freed. I have lost everything that was precious to me, including my family. But I still have the memory of this girl, a memory I carry in my heart and gives me the will to go on as I move to America to start a new life.

Years pass. It is 1957. I am living in New York City. A friend convinces me to go on a blind date with a lady friend of his. Reluctantly, I agree. But she is nice, this woman named Roma. And like me, she is an immigrant, so we have at least that in common.
“Where were you during the war?” Roma asks me gently, in that delicate way immigrants ask one another questions about those years.

“I was in a concentration camp in Germany,” I reply.
Roma gets a far away look in her eyes, as if she is remembering something painful yet sweet.

“What is it?” I ask.

“I am just thinking about something from my past, Herman,” Roma explains in a voice suddenly very soft. “You see, when I was a young girl, I lived near a concentration camp. There was a boy there, a prisoner, and for a long while, I used to visit him every day. I remember I used to bring him apples. I would throw the apple over the fence, and he would be so happy.”

Love hug
Love Hug

Roma sighs heavily and continues. “It is hard to describe how we felt about each other-after all, we were young, and we only exchanged a few words when we could-but I can tell you, there was much love there. I assume he was killed like so many others. But I cannot bear to think that, and so I try to remember him as he was for those months we were given together.”

With my heart pounding so loudly I think it wil1 explode, I look directly at Roma and ask, “And did that boy say to you one day, ‘Do not bring me an apple tomorrow. I am being sent to another camp’?”
“Why, yes,” Roma responds, her voice trembling.

“But, Herman, how on earth could you possibly know that?”
I take her hands in mine and answer, “Because I was that young boy, Roma.”

For many moments, there is only silence. We cannot take our eyes from each other, and as the veils of time lift, we recognize the soul behind the eyes, the dear friend we once loved so much, whom we have never stopped loving, whom we have never stopped remembering.

Finally, I speak: “Look, Roma, I was separated from you once, and I don’t ever want to be separated from you again. Now, I am free, and I want to be together with you forever. Dear, will you marry me?”
I see that same twinkle in her eye that I used to see as Roma says, “Yes, I will marry you,” and we embrace, the embrace we longed to share for so many months, but barbed wire came between us. Now, nothing ever will again.

Almost forty years have passed since that day when I found my Roma again. Destiny brought us together the first time during the war to show me a promise of hope and now it had reunited us to fulfill that promise.

Valentine’s Day, 1996. I bring Roma to the Oprah Winfrey Show to honor her on national television. I want to tell her in front of millions of people what I feel in my heart every day:

Darling, you fed me in the concentration camp when I was hungry. And I am still hungry, for something I will never get enough of: I am only hungry for your love.”

– Herman and Roma Rosenblat
As told to Barbara De Angelis, Ph.D.

No Charge – Greatness of Mother’s love

short stories about love

The little boy suddenly came up to his mother and handed her a piece of paper when she was busy in preparing dinner. After his mom dried her hands on an apron, she read it:

  • For cutting the grass. $5.00.
  • For cleaning up my room this week. $1.00.
  • For going to the store for you. $0.50.
  • Baby-sitting my kid brother. 0.25.
  • Taking out the garbage. $1.00.
  • For getting a good report card. $5.00.
  • For cleaning up, and raking the yard. $2.00.
  • Total owed: $14.75 

greatness of love

After reading, his mother looked at him standing there, expectantly. She picked up the pen, turned the paper over and wrote:

  • Nine months I carried you while you were inside me: No Charge.
  • The times I’ve sat with you, doctored and prayed for you: No Charge.
  • For all the tears that you’ve caused through the years: No Charge.
  • For all the nights that I couldn’t sleep because of the worries I knew were ahead: No Charge.
  • For all the toys, food, clothes, that I gave to you through the years: there’s No Charge, son.
  • And when you add it all up, the full cost of real love is, No Charge.

short stories about motherhood

When the boy finished reading what his mother had written, there were great big old tears in his eyes. He looked straight at his mother and said, “Mom, I sure do love you.” And then he took the pen and in great big letters he wrote: “PAID IN FULL.”


Happy Anniversary – Power of Love Family

Happy Anniversary - Land of love
Happy anniversary my parents

Often, after she finished her solitary supper, she would just sit at the kitchen table in no hurry to enter the rest of the house which seemed even emptier at night. She would remember how everyone used to rush off after they had eaten – the boys up to their rooms and Peter to his favorite TV news programs.

Always so much to do and it seemed at times the boys would never grow up so she could have at least a little time to herself. Time for herself. Oh my, she had lots of time now, big blocks of time which filled so little space in her life. Especially now with Peter gone
Have you forgiven someone who deeply hurt you?

Happy Anniversary - Land of Love

They had planned to travel a little after the boys all left, only Peter had been part of a different plan. She would give anything to have those frenzied days back again, but of course it was impossible. There was her volunteer work and the house work and the occasional baking for bake sales, but she missed the noise and she would have been happy to hear the angry voices in the midst of a fight. “Ma, he took my shirt without asking” and “Ma, he won’t let me study.” Ma, Ma, Ma. Sometimes she had wanted to throttle them, and now she wanted only to hug them and hold them close. She looked at babies on the street and felt sad, remembering when her arms were also full.

She was being especially silly tonight, and she had told Charlotte, one of her neighbors who had dropped by earlier, that today would have been her fortieth anniversary and they had talked of a special celebration this year. Foolish woman. After Charlotte left she had baked the chocolate blackout cake that had been a favorite of Peter’s, and there it sat in the refrigerator, awaiting its trip to the table.

Happy Anniversary - Land of love

Last year the boys had all called, and they had laughed and talked about the big forty and how they would all celebrate, only there was nothing to celebrate now. In fact, no one had called, but you really couldn’t observe a wedding anniversary with half a couple, could you? At least that’s what she had said to Charlotte, who kind of clicked her teeth at her and looked sad.

Feeling sorry for herself, was she? Come on, gal,

Like tonight. What was he barking at? He thought he owned the street, maybe even the world, but certainly anything on this block was his terrain. Tonight something was setting him off. So she walked over to the window to see what it was. There was only a car. “For heaven’s sake, Max,” she admonished, “we’re not the only people on the street.” Maybe Mrs. Boris, another neighbor, was having company. She had a big family and they came often to visit their parents.

But Max kept right on, and she thought she heard a noise at the door. Never fearful of the dark or the unknown, she went to the door, flung it open and said, “See, Max – there’s no one – oh my Lord!” They were standing there, the three of them, and they yelled, “Surprise, surprise” and suddenly there were hugs and kisses everywhere – her boys had come home.

“I didn’t think you’d remember and besides, with Dad . . .” Her voice trailed off in a blur of tears.

Happy Anniversary - Land of love

“Ma,” that was Josh’s voice, “you and Dad were always here for us, always in our hearts and our memories, and every anniversary will be our special day.” The others nodded, and now the tears were rolling down her face. “Hey, Ma, where’s the cake?” That was Chuck’s voice. “We want to party.” Suddenly she smiled and ran back to the kitchen, thanking the divine force that had directed her to bake her cake today and had given her three wonderful sons. she scolded herself, let’s get our act together and have a big slice of cake and maybe some treats for Max, who must have read her mind because he began to bark. Poor old Max. He had been Peter’s dog, waiting for him by the door each night till he came home. Some nights he still waited at the door which never opened, jumping up and barking at the slightest noise.

-Evelyn Marder Levin