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How to make Girls Want to Kiss You?

Hungry for your love
Hungry for your love

The first kiss can ensue anytime, and on the fly, too. In love, anything else more wonderful and sweet than kiss. There are some resources that tell you a kiss should only ensue after a few dates. This is not true. A girl shouldn’t need to wait for the kiss that long. A kiss can be an emotional reaction to a situation.

If the mood is right and everything’s in place, a girl would want to lean in for a kiss. A girl can allow you to kiss her just because it feels right. Some guys reach share kisses with ladies they just met. Is there a secret to doing this? Allow me to share some ideas.

Kiss in love

3 Tips on How to Get a Girl to Kiss You

Step 1: Make Your Lips Kissable

A lip balm can come in lots of flavors and colors. Lip balm is a main necessity, not just for ladies but also for men. It’s not difficult to find a good lip balm no matter where you are. Every convenience store on earth has this in stock.

The thought of kissing your lips must be appealing to a girl before you even get to the point of flirting. How silky your lips appear plays a big role in flirting. Dry lips are an eyesore in dating. Lips that look like they’re about to wither are not appealing at all. Besides your eyes, a woman will likely look at your lips while you are talking. Make sure your lips are up to it.

Kiss in love

Step 2: Get in the Right Position

You should always choose a seat beside the woman you want to date, and not a seat that’s directly across her. There’s less chance for a kiss to crop up if you are seated across each other. Lean closer when she tells you something. This way, sharing a kiss is just a heartbeat away. Whenever she really wants to kiss you, she can.

If you’re not kissing, you can invite her to lean on your shoulder. You can play a game of double dare and get her to make contact you in some way. You can taunt her some more if she is returning your mocking. At some point during all the teasing, she will think about kissing you, which means you’d better create the possibility for her to do so.

Step 3: Spend One-on-One Time With Her

Cat’s kiss

If you’re not satisfied with small pecks on the cheek, you can invite her to go somewhere more private. The main reason why she is not kissing you may be the presence of others around you. A woman who’s not comfortable kissing in public will appreciate your offer to go somewhere else. If there is a stairwell or a similar place around, it will do for now. It’s possible that the sexual tension between you and the woman will increase if you can only share a kiss at the most in such a location.