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I love Me – Lovely Poem

Love poem: I love me
Love poem: I love me

Lonelier love inspired poems because they are medical pills for their worries and aloneness. I used to be a lonelier and I understand how it felt like. Therefore, I really love a special love poem from Kenn Nesbitt. I do believe that it is not just a love poem; it is a poem for her, a poem for him, a poem for lonelier or just simple a poem for a person who loves her/himself. I want to introduce to you the love poem namely I love Me, hope you enjoy!

do you love me

I love Me
I took myself out on a date
and said I’m looking grand,
and when I got my courage up
I asked to hold my hand.

I took me to a restaurant
and then a movie show.
I put my arm around me
in the most secluded row.

I whispered sweetly in my ear
of happiness and bliss,
and then I almost slapped me
when I tried to steal a kiss.

Then afterwards I walked me home
and since I’m so polite
I thanked me for a perfect date
and wished myself goodnight.

There’s just one little problem
and it kind of hurts my pride.
Myself would not invite me in
so now I’m locked outside!


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Miss you

I miss you
I miss you

Have you ever had the feeling of desperate missing of someone else? I believe that feeling will be very long-lasting and make our hearts have sopping beatings…
Recently I found very interesting love poem, this is a poem for her that you guys can delicate to the ladies you like. I hope you enjoy this true love poem since it was made very long time ago by David Cory.

Miss you
Miss you, miss you, miss you;
Everything I do
Echoes with the laughter
And the voice of You.
You’re on every corner,
Every turn and twist,
Every old familiar spot
Whispers how you’re missed.

I miss you
I miss you

Miss you, miss you, miss you;
Everything I do
There are poignant memories
Dancing in a row.
Silhouette and shadow
Of your form and face,
Substance and reality
Everywhere displace.

Oh, I miss you, miss you!
God! I miss you, Girl!
There’s a strange, sad silence
‘Mid the busy whirl,
Just as tho’ the ordinary
Daily things I do
Wait with me, expectant
For a word from You.

Still miss you
Still miss you

Miss you, miss you, miss you!
Nothing now seems true
Only that ‘twas heaven
Just to be with You.


Love Bus – A Poem for Lover

Love Poem about Bus
Love Bus

There are many famous love poems that you have heard from someone at some times in your life. Those love poems, believe or not, have a power that strongly express people’s feelings, share thoughts, cut the pains and throw away sorrows in your heart and soul…

Though I am not a poetic person, this time I would like to share with you a love poem, a true love poem written by myself. I am the one who have been through many hard times; but I luckily got my happy ending with a wonderful person. All good and bad memories inspired me to compose this love poem. Let’s image that you were waiting for a bus for long time. Each bus was a person whom you have some special feelings with. But, those buses hadn’t been the right one for you until the last one…

Love Poem about Bus

Love Bus
I waited for a bus
Too shiny, in a day,
Bus came across
and passed me away.

I, then, waited for a bus
Too long, in a day,
Bus came across
Without any place.

And I still waited for a bus
Too sad, in a day,
Bus came across
did pick me in the way.

But I had to wait for a bus
‘Cause last one didn’t go my way
Bus came across
and picked me to our way.

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I found him – My Love Poems for you

I will forever keep loving you
I will forever keep loving you
I left you,

Long before I walked out the door,



And confused

I lost myself in you

Not for love

but for making you happy,

I made you more

While I became less.

Now I have found him,

And love!

And He makes me more,

No longer am I lost,

Never confused.

And in turn,

I make Him more too,

We are a harmony and melody,

Forever intertwined as one,

I would be lost without him,

But so would He.

We complete each other,

He makes me whole.

I make him whole,

We heal each other,

Move forward together,

One whole we are,

not broken.

This I see,

is what love should be!

What a thing to miss in life!