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I found him – My Love Poems for you

I will forever keep loving you
I will forever keep loving you
I left you,

Long before I walked out the door,



And confused

I lost myself in you

Not for love

but for making you happy,

I made you more

While I became less.

Now I have found him,

And love!

And He makes me more,

No longer am I lost,

Never confused.

And in turn,

I make Him more too,

We are a harmony and melody,

Forever intertwined as one,

I would be lost without him,

But so would He.

We complete each other,

He makes me whole.

I make him whole,

We heal each other,

Move forward together,

One whole we are,

not broken.

This I see,

is what love should be!

What a thing to miss in life!